Honda Indy Toronto

It’s unfortunate that my first “weekly picks” blog isn’t on an oval. Then I could just pick any of the big four, and boom, the race girl is one for one. But life’s just not that easy, so here we go…

Still on a high that can only be otherwise achieved by PEDs, I expect to see a podium finish from Justin Wilson at the Honda Indy Toronto. He’s competed at Toronto five times in the past, claiming a victory in 2005 and sitting the pole in 2006.

As much as it pains me to do so, I’m going with local favorite Paul Tracy for my second pick. While I don’t necessarily think the hometown advantage is a factor for PT, I think the need to prove himself will be. He was victorious at Toronto in 1993, in addition to his pole/victory in 2003. Here’s hoping he realizes that winning – not whining – could equal more rides.

Finally, up until today, my final pick was going to be Marco Andretti. Stop it. Don’t roll your eyes at me. Marco’s father has SEVEN wins at Toronto. I realize that every driver must prove themselves worthy, but don’t count out the advice that comes from the multiple-checkered-flag experience. Also, MA had an impressive run at The Glen (which apparently wasn’t enough to warrant a post-race interview… ABC, I shake my fist at you). Being a lap down and finishing fifth showed that he kept his head in the game and that he’s just as talented on the road coarses as he is on the ovals. With that being said, his practice runs today were, how shall I say, not o-so-fresh. So I’m going to keep him in my back pocket (ooh, let’s pause for a moment at that thought…) for another week. Instead, I’m going with another AGR driver because this team hasn’t had a win yet this season and boy, do they WANT IT.

Tony Kanaan – you are my final pick for the week, so log out of Twitter, get in that new, bright blue chassis and drive, baby, drive…

7/11/09 – Post-qualifying editor’s note: Please disregard the phrase above in regards to the AGR team really wanting a victory. Clearly, they did not receive the memo.


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