Rexall Edmonton Indy

As we look towards this weekend’s race in Edmonton folks, let’s pause to review the top four from Toronto: TGCR, Penske, Penske, TCGR. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I want this week’s picks to include someone from the big four about as much as I want to see Moraes (“The Pinball”) go to AGR. But stats are stats. So I will hang my head low, blame the books and make my first pick. And holy masculine lubricant, do I want it to be Dario! I’m tempted to pick him based solely on his man lotion machine. But that would be wrong.

Pick numero uno this week is Ryan Briscoe. He was last year’s pole sitter, and if you haven’t noticed, he occupied the second place podium spot in Toronto, The Glen, Iowa, Texas and The Mile. That’s better than consistent. That’s “gimme that trophy” solid.

Secondly, I’ll take Justin Wilson. So far this season, he’s been in the fast six in every road course qualifying. He proved his talent at The Glen and I don’t think we have a one-hit wonder on our hands. Enough said.

As my token Canadian pick, I’m taking Tagliani this week. I gave PT a shot last time, but Tags has competed at Edmonton several times with Champ Car, and if I’m not mistaken, he also won there last year at a non-ICS event. He knows the course, he knows the country. The maple leaf is counting on you Tags, and so am I.

Everything I’ve heard and seen from the track today is that Edmonton is bumpy and slick. Nothing that a little man lotion won’t take care of. Looking forward to Sunday…


One response to “Rexall Edmonton Indy

  • Mark Panichelli

    After qualifying the predictability of Penske – Ganassi dominance left little drama for the competitve spirit in all IRL fans who grow tired of the Chip & Roger Racing Show. Graham Rahal’s N/H/L Dallara broke into the Fast Six but never really came close and AGR’s decline was in full display with no end in sight.

    The Championship hunt should be the tightest in years between the top four( Dixon, Franchitti, Briscoe & Castroneves ) despite the lack of passing in the series . I expect the top four plus the third Penske car of Will Power and those former champcar teams( KV Racing, N/H/L & Coyne ) should continue to shine on the Edmonton City Centre Airport.

    Ganassi admitted this week that he is pursuing Danica Patrick for his team in 2010 and one wonders wth AGR’s glaring lack of speed Michael Andretti may be watching the final races of Miss patrick’s tenure at AGR, despite her success in the points championship. TK has invited former CART/Champcar regular Oriol Servia as a consultant, as Kanaan’s frustrations are through the roof.

    Personally, I’d love to see the top five or six crash out in turn one, but that would probably lead to a Paul Tracey, Mario Moraes, Justin Wilson podium, I’m not crazy about that either! I would love to see Marco or TK pull a two-stop , save-your-fuel, alternative strategy win, However , common sense says better. Perhaps I’ll go with Franchitti. He will “Do a Zanardi” while Ashley narates on Versus!

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