Give ’em an inch… or they’ll take The Mile

For months now, we’ve been hearing speculation that the 2010 IRL schedule might not include a race at The Milwaukee Mile. Naturally, I refused to believe it.  I figured I could change the subject, cover my ears and scream like a child, or handcuff myself to the fence at the State Fair grounds. None of which would work, but at least I could take my mind off the thought of this historic venue being dismissed.

The Milwaukee Mile is the oldest, continually-operated speedway in the country. Since 1903, anybody who’s anybody has been on the infamous track’s roster at one time or another.

During the pre-race coverage at Kentucky, several drivers mentioned their disappointment in hearing that Milwaukee would not be on next year’s schedule. And judging by the unbelievable show they put on Saturday night, it almost seemed that the drivers were sending a message to the league: See this? This is what we do on the ovals. Give us more, por favor.

Almost as if on cue, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel published an article this morning stating that despite what we heard from Kentucky, there’s still hope. According to the article, an unidentified promotions group has been selected to work towards an agreeable solution. The group’s point person, Steve Jones, had this to say: “We’re still talking for this coming year… it’s certainly not a dead issue.” See the complete article here:

For the sake of the drivers, the fans and the league, I can only hope that The Mile gets reinstated for 2010. Because “After Indy we go to Texas” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


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