Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma

Ahhhh, Sonoma. Let me put down my honorary glass of wine and try to focus.

Maybe it’s the merlot, but I’m feeling a lack of thrill going into this one. My tweeps and friends all seem to be sharing the same emotion, and I even heard this race referred to as “Infini-Yawn.” For a die-hard, it’s tough to watch the points race bounce back and fourth between the same, win-every-time drivers. And although I’m frustrated that next year’s schedule has gone to more road courses and less ovals, I’m hoping it will showcase the variety of talent and lead to an exhilarating finish in 2010. Oops, I’m babbling. Where’s my wine?

As a result of the aforementioned babble, I will be making my picks this week without including any of the big four. You’re welcome.

My first pick is Justin Wilson. I like him on the road courses and although he only has one victory under his belt, that’s more than I can say for much of the rest of the field. Justin’s been a top contender nearly every time the course turns right.

While the wine’s still flowing, let me have my day in the sun with this next pick. I’ve wanted an AGR win so bad this season! And this week I have an extra chance (albeit not a great one) of that happening with the addition of Franck Montagny. So my second pick is the entire AGR team. Can you do that, race gIRL? Yes, I can. And here’s why: The Torch is a contender every time he gets in his car, DP is the only team member in the points’ top five, Hideki has been fairly solid as of late, Marco is… well, let’s just say he wants it (I think), and Montagny has a proven record in the world of motorsports, which just may translate to an Indy podium.

By the way, I also really want to see Mike Conway take the Rookie of the Year award. Yep, I said it. Go Conweezy.

So let’s all raise our wine glasses… cheers to a safe race and the thought of being back on an oval next week at Chicagoland. Get there faster, please.


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