Be Proud. Be Loyal. Be Indy.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s that IRL fans, perhaps more than in any other motorsport, are extremely loyal. This applies to favorite drivers, teams, tracks and… even sponsors.

Yes, we have been known to make sarcastic comments about the IZOD commercial playing so many times during broadcasts, however I dare you to find a die-hard fan who doesn’t know that “Everything’s gonna be alright.”

This loyal spirit has spawned a new idea from a few of my fellow die-hards, and I love it. The fans are organizing their own movement to show the sponsors who they want to see get a full-time ride and why. So IRL fans, this is your chance! Do your part to get more cars on the grid in 2010.

This particular campaign is aimed at getting Monster Energy to sponsor Canadian favorite Paul Tracy for 2010. If it works, hopefully the trend will continue with other sponsors and drivers. Show your sponsor loyalty for PT! Click on the following link and post your shoutout:

Here’s hoping you’re enjoying the off-season. I’ve finally been able to stop crying myself to sleep. Less than 20 weeks to Brazil. Fight on.


3 responses to “Be Proud. Be Loyal. Be Indy.

  • Corey A

    Love him or hate him Paul Tracy, in a full-time ride, would be great for the IRL…

  • giffenbone

    Word to this. I was gonna buy a drink for a girl last night and she wanted red bull and vodka. I insisted it be monster or it was no deal on the drink. Sponsor love.

  • Mike Cockrall

    Thanks for the mention. This was something I started as a brain fart and it seems to have taken off.
    PT fulltime.
    Racegirl send me an email and I will send you a nice pic to use.

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