Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

Imagine – if you will – that you’re excited about something. No, not THAT. Geez, man. A cold shower might help. Now focus. I’m talking about something you love. Something that you wish other people would love too. But imagine that people across the nation either aren’t aware of this thing you love, or just don’t give a tiny rat’s booty. Until a corporate sponsor comes along and… absolutely flips the script.

Welcome to 2010. There’s no other way to describe my feelings right now – I heart IZOD. And the IZOD IndyCar Series. And my IZOD IndyCar wife. What? She’s tremendous.

The ratings for the season-opener this year were 76% higher than last year. Can ya hear me now, chief? SEVENTY-SIX PERCENT. For those keeping score at home, that’s the same percentage of people who saw Moraes lined up next to Marco on the starting grid and said, “Well, shit.” In contrast, only two percent of viewers predicted that by turn one, Marco would be wearing Moraes as a hat.

St. Pete has some big, fireproof shoes to fill. But where there’s a Will (Power), there’s a way. How can I not go with WP as my first pick? That’d be like punching a gift horse in the mouth. Which I don’t recommend. I warned you. Coming off a victory at Sao Paulo, and a thirst for racing that can only come from a debacle like last year’s, I expect Power to continue doing great things this season.

Secondly, like so many of you, I’m excited to see Graham behind the wheel for SFR this weekend. First of all, snaps to savvy Sarah. Recognizing strengths in others and using them to benefit your endeavors is both intelligent and commendable. Whoa. Apparently this paragraph has been sponsored by And the letter S.

Anywhoo… it’s because of this (and his history at St. Pete: pole-sitter in 2009; winner in 2008) that I’m going with Rahal for my second pick. Is it wrong that I still want to call him the Graham-burglar even though Mickey-D’s gave him the Middle McFinger? I’ve been trying to boycott, but let’s face it – that Shamrock Shake is a frozen miracle, isn’t it?

Third pick – I’m going with Kansas to win the whole tourney.  Sons-of-bracket-busting-bitches. Stupid NCAA family pool. Looks like I owe somebody $2. What a kicker.

Seriously – I’m torn on this third pick. If I see Franchitti sit one more pole or win one more race, I might go play in traffic. And I can’t pick Briscoe because… it hurts. It physically hurts. Fine. I’m going with Justin Wilson. He started on the pole last year at St. Pete and finished third. Good enough for me. He’s fantastic on the twisties and I think he’s going to go places this year. That’s right – bring da ruckus, J-dub.

BTW, I’m headed to St. Pete this weekend. There’s a 76 percent chance that if you see me there, I’ll be drinking a Dirty Banana and yelling, “I’m on a Boat.” If this doesn’t happen, there’s a 76 percent chance that I’ll be highly disappointed.

I got my swimsuit… and my flippy-floppies…


6 responses to “Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

  • Ryan

    It seems like you are starting to have as much fun with these as Hobbson does… that is a good thing… both of you with hard cards…. scary… enjoy the race!

  • Happyfish103

    I love you too, wife.
    P.S. Clearly my shunt predictions are insanely accurate. Only 2% were on my level.

  • curtisboggs


    i’m at kinkos straight up flippin’ copies

  • its_meatball

    I too think Graham will surprise some people this weekend. I was a little bummed last year when his fire suit didn’t look like Ronald McDonalds and his helmet like a HUGE bright red wig… that would’ve been AWESOME!

    Oh yeah, the “I’m on a boat” reference was nice. Well played on your part…

  • cdy_bradshaw

    How can you leave out the Texas Twister Ryan Hunter-Reay? After displaying textbook “How to make the guy in front of you shit his pants, miss a turn, and hit the tires” and taking a strong 2nd at Sao P., along with last years 2nd place for Vision at St. Pete, you gotta think he’s a strong pick.

    • the_race_gIRL

      Jeez, Cody. There can only be so many guys on the podium. I picked RHR last week and think he’ll do well in St. Pete too. Shouldn’t you be in Broad Ripple right now? 😉

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