Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

So what’d ya think of Barber? Oh – the facility is beautiful, huh? Wow – I hadn’t heard that before. The museum is cool, hey? Interesting. What did you think of the actual race? Yep, there was a race. Castroneves won it. You know – the guy from Dancing with the Stars. Yea, him. He also won the Indy 500 last year. Yep, I did hear ZZ Top will be there this year. That is what’s important. Oh, your friend went to Carb Day one year? Cool. Yea, you’re right – Nascar is real racin’. Thank you, Alabama.

I don’t know what the hell that was, but if you’re still reading, you get a gold star. I’m flying to Long Beach right now on very little sleep. The only thing that can cure this insanity is an In-and-Out burger. A few friends recommended that I try it “animal style” or something like that. Sweet Jeebus. So many jokes… don’t you guys know I have an inexplicably hard time keeping it clean with friends like you?

For the record, I loved Barber. Okay fine, there were a few parade-ish moments when I thought, ‘Screw this. Get this track off the schedule and give us another oval (ahem – the Milwaukee Mile).’ But overall, it wasn’t that bad. The fuel strategies and final ten laps made it all worthwhile. Add in a few more opportunities for passing, take out that giant creepy spider, park Milka and you’ve got yourself a race.

Let’s talk about our good friend, Milka, hmmm? I’d be remiss if I didn’t give her props for actually finishing a race. That’s quite an accomplishment after four years. Snaps. You know what else was special? By around lap 12 or so, we watched the entire field go by and then… wait for it… wait for it… wait… for… it… oh, there she is. Whew. Was worried aboutcha, Milka. But you’re JUST. THAT. SLOW. Awesome.

On to Long Beach. First pick – I’ll take Franchitti. The Scotsman started second last year at Long Beach and ended up with the win. And although the reigning IICS champ hasn’t done a whole lot to live up to his title this season, I think he’s due. But look on the bright side – he hasn’t gone back to Nascar, a la 2008, so let’s have a bowl of Lucky Charms, shall we? But I’m not even Irish…

I can’t fight the Power this week. I’ll take slick Willy for my second pick. If you actually need an explanation, we can’t be friends anymore. For those of you who saw the eliteness at Sao Paulo, St. Pete and Barber, please move to the next paragraph. For English, press 1. Power had the pole for last year’s race at Long Beach and finished second. Coupled with what he’s done this year, we can continue to expect nothing but greatnesss.

I’d like to take Kanaan for my third pick (he finished P3 last year and is – as always – due for a win), but I’m going with Marco. Stop laughing. I think his car has looked pretty good this season (aside from when Moraes’ car was on top of it) and it appears the Venom boys are starting to figure out the road course setup. Props to Marco for making some great moves at St. Pete and for the incredible pass to take the lead from Helio on lap 15 at Barber. I think he’s got great momentum going into Long Beach and needs to end his 50-something-race dry spell.

This season has been much better than last for my picks, but let’s be honest… there’s only one thing that’s really important: who’s going to win IZOD’s Race to the Party? Don’t lie to me – it’s all you can think about, isn’t it? At first I thought TK had it on that jetski, but then RHR came along on the board. And last week I was completely thrown off by Marco’s motorcycle. Since then, I’ve barely been able to sleep thinking about what Wheldon’s got in store for us. I mean, who will get to the party first? The suspense is killing me. See you in Long Beach.


5 responses to “Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

  • Bri Kupfer

    yeah, she STILL hasn’t finished on the lead lap….ever….but yet has a ride. DON’T get it. lol. Last weekend proved she is nothing but a rolling hazard. You OR I could do better. Again, Great blog, love the picks this week!

  • redd

    I think an “animal style” In-and-Out burger is when they cook the burger in mustard and add grilled onions and pickle and–I think–either more sauce or some special sauce. But whatever it is, it’s awesome, and you should try one or two.

    (I understand they are considering adding the “Duno Sandwich” after Barber.)

  • Kayla

    Milka finished?? How’d I miss that.
    I think Marco does have a chance (as long as he starts far away from Moraes)- but I think Will will (weird) win.
    And I think Wheldon will ride into the party on an emu and be all like “it’s how I roll.” lol

  • cdy_bradshaw

    i love you… that thats out of the way….I’m going to agree with you’re picks for this week….ala multiple cocktails for the night, but I think you’re headed in the right direction. As for the race to the party? If Marco doesn’t F’ it up on fuel strategy (Barber…..WTF????) he takes it. If not, RHR and his sweat board work takes the cake. Have fun in the LBC (insert Snoop Dogg Lyric here) and I hope @theInsidePass has a good showing!!!

  • Alice Ristow

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