Hey Charles… This track ain’t big enough for the both of us

Photo by Paul Dalbey

7 responses to “Hey Charles… This track ain’t big enough for the both of us

  • Bri Kupfer

    I got $10 on Monica…….

  • Paul

    Most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. She took him down like a school boy and then just sauntered away, head held high, as the amassed crowd backed away in awe. Charles whimpered in a gut-wrenching display humiliation and agony. He didn’t know idea what hit him. Hell, Colonel Bernard, standing next to them, damn near blew a gasket when the back of Chuck’s arm put a race_gIRL sized dent in the hood of the pace car, right there about the “D” of “IZOD.” 85% of the words out of my mouth the rest of the day were “Yes, ma’am.” I feared for my life and the continuity of my spinal cord.

  • CurlingRacer

    YIKES…Monica is beating up on Charles!!


    Charles joins Monica and Elizabeth on The Inside Pass Staff assuring mega-security at all Pile Ups

  • TexIn

    This picture is probably what gave Helio the cojones to step up and try what he did last weekend!

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