Camping World Grand Prix at The Glen

Watkins Glen. The Glen. Glen Beck. Glen Gary Glenn Ross. I got nothin’.

There are two things I know about Watkins Glen: #1 – A friend of mine said there’s Black Widow spiders in the public restrooms. #2 – I’m not going. Note that #2 has nothing to do with #1, although I’d like to offer some advice to my NY-bound friends: Pee quickly and carry a big stick.

Let’s talk about something else cuz I’m bitter that I’m not going. Maybe bitter is too strong a word. I’m on suicide watch. Shall we chat chassis?

Has everyone requested off work on July 14? Have you laid out your design sheets neatly for side-by-side comparison? Have you concluded that the Delta Wang is the most ridiculous POS you’ve ever laid eyes on? Maybe it’s just me. But don’t rule it out… it’s all about the “concept.” Riiiight. And when it comes to tracks, it’s all about the “facility.”

Maybe we should change the subject. I try not to talk non-racing biznass around these parts but I just want to say thanks to all several of the race gIRL readers. It’s officially been a year since the site was created. I’ve had an absolute blast doing it. (That’s what she said). Your comments and feedback are always appreciated and you guys make it fun. So thanks. Tear. I said I wouldn’t cry.

So, helluva race in Iowa, hey? Told ya. Take heed, oval-haters – you will be converted. Embrace the left turns and super-speeds. Alright, alright, I’m over it. I realize we’re heading into road course month and I gotta say – I don’t hate the twisties as much as I used to. Calm down there, chief. Don’t read too much into it. I’m just beginning to appreciate the balance of variety. Of lefts and rights. Of walls and chicanes. Of concrete and nature. Spoken like a true tree-hugger. Moving on.

First pick. If you think I’d go with anyone other than Justin Wilson, you’ve hopped on the train to Wrongsville. Come on back. J-DUB is the reigning champ and after the Iowa debacle, I’d love to see him defend his title.

Initially, I was leaning toward Briscoe for my second pick, but after much deliberation, I’m taking Slick Willy P. You just can’t go wrong with Power this season, so it’s a safe pick but hey, a darn good one.

Finally, I’m going with Sato as my 穴馬 – that’s “dark horse” for all of my Japanese-challenged friends. His F1 experience would indicate a better success on the road courses, and I like what I saw from him in Iowa, minus that pesky wall-stuffing part.

Let’s recap. You know what? Let’s not. Now, I’m not one for drunk tweeting… hahaha. I almost got through that with a straight face. But this weekend when I’m missing the Glen and crying into my Bacardi… watch out now. Between the tears, the fireworks and the liquor, we’ve got ourselves a paaaaartay. Join me, won’t you? Then on July 14, we can look back and say, “Remember that time, ten days ago, when we were all scared that the ICONIC Committee wouldn’t pick Swift?” Then we’ll raise our glasses and chuckle one more time at the notion that people actually thought the DW could even be considered an open-wheel car. Good times it will be. Happy 4th of July. And God Bless America.

5 responses to “Camping World Grand Prix at The Glen

  • Bri Kupfer

    Hey…I LOVE the Delta Wing….or, at least, my inner child does….If it were a Monogram plastic model from the 1970s. It’s fun to look at….but……sorry, America HAD our Delta Wing period. It was called the 1950s. F-102, F-106, B-58 to name a few. And the fins on the ’57 Bel Air of course 😉
    As for the road courses….that’s right, Monica….come to my side of the fence…..we have cookies! AND Sushi!! 😛
    I like your picks, and we share Sato and Power. I, however, have to go a bit off grid and call for Milka Du………hahahahahahaha. RIGHT. I would never. The rolling chicane herself. no. My third pick is Scott Dixon. Also curious to see how Adam Carroll will do…..

  • redd

    I’m also an oval fan who’s starting to appreciate the variety of racetracks in the series. I like the 50/50 mix and the sub-championships because it’s something that makes Indycar unique. (C’mon Barber, make those changes.)

    I’ll go with a Penske 1-2-3 this weekend, just for fun. As for the new holiday, the 14th of July–also known as Indycarbonfiber Day–I no longer have a preference. Seriously–I’m just ready for them to move on. DW, Swift, Dallara, a mix–let’s just pick a tub and make it work.

  • Jason McVeigh

    I’m thinking the Andretti cars might be strong. All 5 of ’em. TK is comin off a big win at Iowa, RHR has won at The Glen before, Marco has shown good speed on roads this year and new boy Adam Carroll is a GREAT road racer although he has to get use to an Indycar first and Danica.. Well, Danica is Danica and no matter where she finishes, some will be happy,some will be annoyed and some won’t care. The lovers will keep loving her and the haters will keep hating her. All in all it should be a great race.

  • MrAnalog

    When you look at the Delta Wing you must think of all the evil in the world….

    And say Hello Newman!

  • E.M.H.

    Hi. New reader; thanks for being yet another source for Indycar chatting!


    ” realize we’re heading into road course month and I gotta say – I don’t hate the twisties as much as I used to. Calm down there, chief. Don’t read too much into it. I’m just beginning to appreciate the balance of variety. Of lefts and rights. Of walls and chicanes. Of concrete and nature. Spoken like a true tree-hugger. “

    Yes! The twisties can be fun! Speaking as a fan of both ovals and road/street courses, I think it’s just awesome that Indy provides a variety like that. I know many disagree and argue that Americans watch Indy for the ovals – Eddie Gossage is one of the most notable advocates of this, but the sentiment is not limited to him – but I think I’d go nuts if the series ever restricted itself. Ovals are fun because they’re pure knife-edge speed, balance, and simpy hanging it out there, flat out and millimeters away from perdition or eternity, but twisties are a blast too because they present such a different set of challenges: Setup (lots or little downforce?, suspension setup, things like that), driving (where’s the line? Where’s the apex for this corner? Where can we draft? Etc…) and so on. I’ll defend ovals against the road course snobs any day of the year; thank goodness my F1 friends are good humored and merely resort to responding in kind when I tell them to take their drivers off the “kinderbahns” and drive on the ovals where the grown-ups race :-D). But at the same time, I defend right turns against the ovals-and-nothing-else-matters crowd till the day I die because the wheel, you know, turns both ways. 😉

    In all seriousness: Indy needs both the ovals and the spaghetti courses. I really feel this is true.

    Anyway, my hope is that at some point Indycar fans will at least do what our hostess here has done and recognized that there’s something to appreciate about the alternatives. No one ever has to openly like it all like I do, but just realize that there’s something good and positive about having drivers who compete on both the rounds and the twisties. Remember: Back in the days of USAC, American drivers were respected not only because they did both ovals and roads, but also because they did dirt tracks and I believe rallies as well. Only thing missing were the drag races ;). And they did that all in a variety of different platforms. I’m not pining for a return to the early USAC days, but my point is that diversity can be appreciated in the racing world. And I think that’s one of Indycar’s strengths, and ought to be exploited.

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