Honda Indy Toronto

Welcome, race fans, to the first international race gIRL blog post, coming to you from the beautiful city of Toronto. Beautiful is the understatement of the season. This place is the shizz. It’s funny – I always imagined Canada to be like a giant arctic glacier. Like it could be sunny and 80 in Detroit, and then you cross that bridge into a winter wonderland. A place where Santa and his elves work 51 weeks out of the year, but then during that one week in mid-July, they exclusively make Hot Wheels and other IndyCar-related goodies. You thought the same thing, didn’t you? I hate to break it to you, but it’s not like that at all. It’s better. I think maybe I was born to be a Canadian. Maybe not. Whatever.

It is with great pleasure that I raise my LaBatt Blue and tell you that I am not – I repeat, NOT, going to talk about the 2012 chassis just yet. I have 712,634 thoughts about it all vying for position in my brain. I’m trying to sort them by choosing one main, core thought and then using the others as options. Oops, see what I did there?

Before we move onto this week’s picks, can I just say… Will Power, man – WTF? Seriously, dude. You rock. This is your world and we’re all just visitors. Now SIMMER DOWN. Thanks. Smooches…

On to the picks. This just in from the Department of Are You On Crack, I have temporarily banned myself from picking Will Power (for further explanation, look up “cheating” in the dictionary). I’m starting to feel like from now on he could be my cut-and-paste first pick, and I know I said I wasn’t talking chassis yet, but for the LOVE OF GOD, I hope this new “strategy” helps to move the series away from Penske/Ganassi domination. The two Andretti Autosport wins so far this season have been encouraging, but not enough.

Ahh what the hell? It’s been awhile since I’ve picked Franchitti and since he was on pole AND won it in Toronto last year, I’ll take him for my first pick. Safe. Shhhh.

Secondly, I’m combining my dark horse and token Canadian pick. I like to call it the “dark Canadian.” Sounds kinda like a French Zorro, eh? I’d love to go with PT but I just don’t have the same confidence in him this season as I did last year. So I’m going with Tagliani. He hasn’t been showing up as of late but I feel like he was rockin’ something at Indy and if he can stay focused here on the home soil, I’d love to see him finish on the podium.

Finally, I’ll take Briscoe for pick number three. You saw how close I was to picking him for The Glen and didn’t… and should have. So there.

And this week, I am proud to announce that for the rest of the season, I will also be choosing… drum roll please… a weekly Firestone Indy Lights driver! I’m doing my best to keep an ear to the ground with the FIL series, as hopefully we’ll see some of it’s drivers making their way into IndyCar in the future. So for my inaugural race gIRL FIL pick, I’m going with James Hinchcliffe for the win in Toronto. Don’t let me down, Hinch. I’m sure your victory will be sweet, but this is about something so much bigger than that. Like me batting 1000 in FIL picks. That would be HUGE. I kid,  I kid.

That’s all from Toronto. Off to have some Poutine and ketchup chips. See you all in the states!

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