Kentucky Indy 300

Last year, this race was called the Meijer Indy 300. So either their marketing team didn’t see Marco’s commanding performance last weekend, or we’re not doing our job as fans and buying more random homegoods. We’ll wait while you go out and get some stuff. I recommend a new recliner, a bird feeder and a package of brats. And if you’re feeling really saucy, one of those fountains of a kid peeing. Go.

We’ve found ourselves smack in the middle of Ovalville and I likey. Chicagoland Speedway – as always – put on a hell of a show. Which is why it makes sense to take it off the schedule completely. See this cake, fat kid? It’s delicious. You can’t have it. I completely understand. In marketing, history shows that not giving people what they want is the key to success. FAIL.

Here’s my dilemma for this week’s picks: I can’t decide whether to follow my head or my heart. Since it’s the 200th race of the IndyCar Series, it’s okay to get all nostalgic and smooshy, right? So my heart says this…

First pick is Kanaan. He has a strong record here, including a pole/victory in 2007 and a podium finish (3rd) last year. He’s been strong on the ovals this year – with a win in Iowa – and seems to be getting back into his old groove, despite the fact that his bitter-meter is just about topping out. TK is a fan favorite, and to hear him say that he didn’t enjoy racing in Chicago was a tough pill to swallow. But then again, he has to work with Danica. You do the math.

Second pick: Ed Carpenter. Raise your hand if you want to see Ed on the podium this weekend. If you didn’t raise your hand, we can’t be friends anymore. Carpenter finished second last year at Kentucky. And it wasn’t your average second-place finish. He and Briscoe BATTLED IT OUT til the checkered flag dropped. In fact, I’m pretty sure if you look up “barn burner” in the dictionary, there’s an image of the photo finish. Maybe.

Finally, my third pick goes to Alex Lloyd. I haven’t picked him yet this year, but until now, it didn’t make much sense. He’s been strong, but not a contender… until now. Despite a series of incidents throughout the race at Chicagoland, Lloyd looked strong and confident in his car. I think this season, his problem has been in securing a good qualifying position. If he can do that in Kentucky (which could be foiled if the rain comes and they grid according to points), I’m expecting great things.

So that’s what my heart says. My head says Power, Briscoe, Castroneves. You make the call.

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