Indy Japan 300

As much as I’d like to be headed to Japan right now, I’m not sure how well I’d fit in there. No, I don’t mind eating on the floor and yes, I prefer my massages to have a happy ending. However, my language is limited to “Toyota,” “sushi” and “everybody Wang Chung tonight.” And I don’t think that would get me anywhere near the racetrack. So Versus coverage it is.

It’s probably better that I stay here anyway, to continue my Milwaukee Mile celebration. I haven’t stopped drinking since last Friday. I’m tipsy and my liver is doing the running man but hey, that’s how we do it in Wisconsin. Cheers.

I’m really not sure whose bright idea it was to have an all-road-course schedule leading up to the 500, with Brazil immediately preceding, but survey says… FAIL. Not that the snooze-fest in Kansas was a great lead-in this year, but Brazil is ballsy. And while I’m excited about the double-header in Texas, part of me thinks that dividing the points and calling it two races makes more work than sense. We shall see. And I heard a rumor today that there’s talk of a Saturday-road-course-Sunday-oval season finale in Las Vegas. I dare you to mention that to a crew member and see the look of horror at the mere thought of flipping that setup overnight. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, I do enjoy the schedule and look forward to a splendid 2011.

Let’s finish 2010 first though, hmmm? It was about this time last year that Mario Moraes went from pinball to professional. I was impressed. But if you think that means I’m going to pick him this week, you’ve thought wrong. KV is on the fast track to purchasing the entire Dallara plant and I wouldn’t bet on those odds even if Roger Penske was writing the check. I’ve seen the crash count, but lost track of how many times I’ve been present to witness this: BAM. Shit. KV? Yep. Shocking.

Huge congratulations to Ed Carpenter for an amazing weekend in Kentucky. Can’t imagine a single fan in the stands who was rooting against the Fuzzy’s car in that race. By the way, I don’t know what the crap happened with the Firestone Tire-iffic voting, but I understand. Helio definitely deserved to win over Carpenter. And Kanaan’s drive from last to fourth wasn’t anything to write home about. Plus, Penske can really use the extra $10,000. FACEPALM.

On to the picks. Not gonna lie… I’m stumped this week. On one hand, you’ve got your top five in points – all Penske and Ganassi. Power seems like an obvious choice but his fuel debacle in Chicago and eight-place finish in Kentucky tell me otherwise. Then you’ve got Helio who won on a fuel strategy over the Vision/Panther brigade, which – despite my picks – I honestly didn’t expect THAT would happen. Dixon won at Motegi last year but hasn’t shown up on the last two ovals. I’d like to see an Andretti Autosport victory but sweet Jebediah, don’t let it be Nascar’s own Danica Patrick. So you see the pickle I’m in.

Here we go: Franchitti, Briscoe and a surprise performance by Hideki Mutoh. Done. Now please excuse me whilst I brush up on my Japanese. “California roll, edamame, shrimp tempura…”

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