THIS JUST IN… I have a face for radio

Stuff has happened. Adventures are happening. More things will happen.

At the beginning of 2014, I picked up a new client (for my company, and entered a new world called… NASCAR. I now work with an awesome driver named Parker Kligerman. If you haven’t heard, we co-host a radio show each week called “Kickin’ it with Kligerman.”

What’s it about? Racing. All kinds of racing. F1, Global Rally Cross, IndyCar, NASCAR, V8 Super Cars… you name it. But not only that, it’s just a bunch of fun nonsense. Fitting for me, since it’s also charmingly inappropriate.

We just recorded the newest show this morning, featuring an interview with NASCAR driver Ryan Truex. Interested? Here’s the link:

In fact, here are the links to the first 11 episodes, in case you have 11 hours to kill.

Episode 11 (featuring interviews with 11 Indy 500 drivers):

Episode 10 (featuring Kurt Busch):

Episode 9 (featuring Matt Hardigree from Jalopnik):

Episode 8 (featuring AJ Allmendinger):

Episode 7 (featuring Parker’s Swan Racing announcement):

Episode 6 (featuring iconic rapper 50 Cent):

Episode 5 (featuring Kyle Larson):

Episode 4 (featuring Simon Pagenaud):

Episode 3 (featuring Austin Dillon):

Episode 2 (featuring Alex Bowman):

Pilot episode:


Or you can search “Parker Kligerman” on iTunes and get them all there. Let me know what you think!


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