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Qualifying 2010: WTF

If you’ve ever checked out my weekly picks before, you know that I usually do them before qualifying. Not that it’s cheating to do them afterwards, but it feels like cheating. And you know that rule about how if you’re going to cheat, it better be with someone really hot? I have no idea where I’m going with this.

I believe the word you’re looking for is… ANYWAY….

So the goal was to do my Indy 500 picks before Pole Day. But no one told me that Pole Day was a whole eight days before the race. Fine. I’m lying. Here’s the thing… it’s just that the 500 is so huge, so prestigious, so mystifying that it scares the bejeepers out of me to attempt to call it one way or the other. So I did the logical thing and called my the_race_dAD.

“Dad,” I said, “You gotta make my pics. I’m scared.”

“Monica,” he replied, “I introduced you to this sport. Tell the IndyCar nation I apologize. Haven’t I done enough?”

I’m lying. That never happened. You can’t have someone else make your picks. That’s like cheating. And you know the rule about… nevermind.

So let’s pretend, shall we? Let’s pretend that I had actually made my picks. Because I can tell you now that they would have been absolutely wrong. Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed you if you showed me the starting grid last Friday. I keep looking at the darn thing and thinking, ‘Hmmpf.’

I would’ve picked TK to podium or even win. Would LOVE to see Vitor in Victory Lane, so although a long shot, I would have picked him as well. Rows one and two come as no surprise, aside from Tags, which is AWESOME. Both the third (Rahal, Carpenter, Mutoh) and fourth (Bell, Wilson, Matos) rows make me giddy. Would have really liked to see Scheckter, Lloyd, Simona and Marco qualify higher, but should make for an interesting race this way. The list goes on.

And I gotta say, I’ve really never been a huge PT fan, but that… was… BRUTAL. I still don’t understand the decision and I’m not about to beat a dead horse. I wouldn’t even beat a live one – that’s just stupid. I expected Tracy to come storming into the presser, cussing like A.J. Foyt and blaming everyone, but… not so much. Apparently missing a qualifying attempt at the Indy 500 changes you. Like it’s a big deal or something. The guy was a mess. He was brought to tears, describing his disappointment and saying how it was hard to walk away. My heart – and the hearts of a surprising amount of people – went out to him.

Now, the saga continues and he’s working on future races. And honestly, as long as the twitching stops (that’s “twitter bitching” for all you newbies), I might be on board the PT train, where the Monster Energy drink flows like wine and you could save fifteen percent – or more – on car insurance.

One final update. I attended my first Carb Day today. I can’t talk about it. It’s too painful. I may be ready to discuss it in the future, but it’s too soon. Let’s act like I never brought it up.

See you at the track on Sunday. I hear there’s a race going on…